Political Minutes

These Utah Political Minutes, produced by PBS Utah, describe brief moments in Utah’s political history. 

Landslide and Slim Victories

Find out about several interesting elections which were decided by a paper-thin margin, or by a massive landslide.

Martha Hughes Cannon

Learn about a towering figure in the history of Utah's politics: Martha Hughes Cannon

Struggle for Statehood

The state of Utah had to fight for its place in the Union. Six attempts were rejected before Utah became the 45th state.

A Great Political Comeback

Everyone loves the story of a great comeback. Utah's political history provides a great one.

Brigham Young

Brigham Young played an important part in many aspects of Utah's history. His imprint on Utah's politics was lasting.


The story of how Utah became a leader in granting women the right to vote.

Utah Party Politics

With the completion of the transcontinental railroad in Utah the political landscape would change forever.

Utah Was Once Nearly 100% Democrat

Utah used to be nearly 100% Democrat in terms of party affiliation.

Utah's Shadow Government

Find out about Utah's secret shadow government.

Nasty Campaigns

Discover some of the nastier political campaigns from Utah's history.