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General Election Resources

Elections ... The American Way
The Library of Congress put together this great election web site about the role of candidates and voters and how party systems and the election process works.

State of Utah Elections Office
Get voter information, learn who the candidates are and register to vote.
Federal Election Commission
Congress created the Federal Election Commission (FEC) to administer and enforce federal campaign finance laws.
Project Vote Smart
This nonpartisan resource provides information on the voting records, positions, and interest group ratings of elected officials.
What Makes a Good President?
Presidential historians and other experts on the leadership qualities that make for success or failure in the Oval Office.
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Websites for Students

<empty>Ben's Guide to the Election Process
Ben explains the election process, including Presidential, Senate and Representatives elections and voter registration.
<empty>Executive Command
Be the president. Run the Oval Office. Command the executive branch. You can be president when you play iCivics "Executive Command".
<empty>If You Were President
You make the decisions and talk to the press. Print out the resulting news story to see how you fared as President of the United States.
Elections 101
Your crash course on the elections - why voting matters, how the process works and resources for learning more.
<empty>Rock the Vote
For over 20 years Rock the Vote has be motivating young people to register to vote and to get involved in the political process.
Match childhood photos of past Presidents.
PresidentsCongress for Kids: Elections
This page provides information on Election Day, Voting, Political Parties, National Conventions, The Electoral College and more.
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Resources for Educators

<empty>Vote: The Machinery of Democracy
This web site looks at the history of voting methods in the United States and how ballots and voting systems have evolved over the years.
<empty>Mock Election: Teaching Materials and Activities
Curriculum materials to help educators discuss the election issues, such as energy, war and health care with students.
PBS ElectionPBS LearningMedia
The Election Collection features digital resources for K-12 educators to help students learn about the election process.
Women Making Utah History
Curriculum devoted to introducing students to Utah's role in women's voting rights.
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Parent & Caregiver Resources

<empty>Bring the Presidential Campaign Home
Answer kids' questions about the campaign and find activities and resources to spark lively discussion.
<empty>National Student / Parent Mock Election
Students and Parents are encouraged to go online and cast your votes.
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